Cousins in the Rockies

This past weekend the descendants of Dorothy and Virginia Smith, of Utah, met up in Boulder, Colorado. It is so neat to spend time with family you rarely see, there's a feeling of knowing each other that never seems to go away, even if it has been a decade since the last reunion. I can still picture how much Ben F. adored Josh when he was a little guy, even though it was 20 years ago that we were all together in the living room on Edgewood.

We explored, hiked, drove through a herd of elk, complained about the altitude, and drank yummy beer. New favorite sounds: Susie laughing at Ben's jokes, Ben laughing at Susie's jokes. New observation: Meliss and Susie may be the most cheerful, optimistic people I've ever known.

The Maximon girls have really long legs. Some genes persevere, it would seem. Lucky us.