On Beer & Marriage

Being married is completely great, completely weird, and completely inspiring.

I think the permanency of having just joyfully committed to "forever" is making us feel both tremendously secure and super squirrely. Squirrely in the best sense—in a positive, curious way. We're planning trips, taking on big projects, and plotting adventures abroad. We're leaning into tasks that are really hard for us and we're thinking and talking about what parts of our lives we want to deliberately make inconsistent. Where do we want to live? For how long? What kind of work do we dream of doing? And in our day-to-day routines, we're embracing new endeavors too. So far for me it's running, photography, writing, and hopefully some guitar. So far for Ben it is beer. He's learning how to brew in the garage. I can hear him talking to David through the floor right now. Irish Moss. Gravity. Carboys. Hydrometers. There's really a whole new vocabulary developing down there. It's a year of new projects. Of learning and adventures—domestic and otherwise. Of inspired creativity.

Thank you, husband. I can't wait to try your beer this weekend.