Love Letters

My cousin Melissa, who I've already mentioned numerous times in this blog, is an incredible artist. And, nearly incredible as the beautiful designs she creates with typography, are the messages she selects to spend her time on and share with her community. They can't help but make me think about love, and what looking for it looks like. And what giving it gets us.

I've been reading a lot about happiness lately, and what seems to be true in the world, at least for me for the moment in my world, is that what we give is what we get. Not that the recipients of our acts of kindness are always the ones to reciprocate, but that the universe will. And that reciprocation is not the point, it's the giving that is. We've got to give what we're wanting for. And we've got to do so endlessly, without hope of getting anything in return. And if we focus our time and our words on gratitude and kindness and others, we'll be happy.

This cousin of mine, she has been through a lot. And she's perhaps the most positive person I know. She doesn't choose to write about her pain or her anger, or even herself, but rather, about hope and beauty and gratitude. She's optimistic in her bones. Hopeful in her heart. In a good mood with five feet of snow on the ground and a -20º windchill. And the result? She meets people easily, loves people easily, and is oh so beloved in return.

And her art is something worth reading. Every time.

I'm not the typography artist you are, Meliss, but I've heard it is the thought that counts. This one's for you.