Alphabet Summer Handmade

Oh my goodness has Ashley found her people. Walking into the warehouse at 55 Harrison was like walking into an explosion of creativity. And, as I was wandering through trying to find our girl, I just kept thinking, "Oh. Okay. I really get it now." Ashley's a crafter and a quilter. An artist and an artisan. Wow has she found her place in the world. I could have stayed in there all day, mesmerized by the many beautiful creations. Ashley's little bags stood out in the crowd; they are bright and atypical and practical (very much like the woman herself) and so, so representative of her aesthetic. I was not at all surprised to watch them stop a flight attendant in her tracks, along with hoards of strangers. 

If you haven't already, check out Ashley's Etsy shop, Alphabet Summer Handmade. You'll see what I mean about her work.

Bravo, friend. You are amazing. And thank you for letting me document you in situ, this portfolio-building endeavor of mine is oh so much fun.